Chief Executive


Welcome from Professor Sir Adrian Webb, Chair

With a sense of pride, I welcome you to this overview of Tai Calon. It is designed to give you a clear sense of who we are, and how we work. Fundamentally it describes an exciting opportunity for you to have a positive impact on Tai Calon and the communities that we serve. We hope it inspires you to apply.

Howard, our current Chief Executive, is retiring in August 2024. Since joining Tai Calon, he has introduced a Vision and Mission that places the customer at the heart of everything we do. In that time, Tai Calon has enjoyed a period of sustained and positive progress, as we continue to transform the business. And that progress has seen rising customer satisfaction, improved service delivery, and better value for money. We also now have a culture that fits the Mission.

These achievements are validated from independent sources. Rising customer satisfaction is shown from the bi-annual STAR survey and the annual Institute of Customer Service survey. Better value for money from the annual Housemark benchmarking. Whilst the cultural strength shows within the staff satisfaction survey.

In the last 4 years Tai Calon has gone from strength to strength with some key elements of positive change. Such as achieving our 90% Customer Satisfaction. Widening our support with our stakeholders and partners. Creating financial capacity by a £105m refinancing, which sets our ambitions of sustainable development on track. Sector leading work on delivering net zero homes, which will help tackle health inequalities, fuel poverty and climate change.

As an organisation we have also focussed on the culture. We seek to enable our colleagues to deliver customer service excellence through our CALON values of creativity, authenticity, learning, ownership and knowing they are ‘not on their own’. We have seen excellent improvements and we are proud to have been accredited as a Great Place to Work 2023/24. We see these improvements continuing.

In our new Chief Executive, we are looking for an energetic and driven person to lead our Executive Team; someone who is passionate about the life changing impact of social housing, and a leader who develops trust and inspires our workforce to go beyond affordable housing and help us create vibrant communities.

It may be that the social housing sector is new to you. It may be that you are looking for your first Chief Executive role. Great! Providing you are a passionate believer in the importance of good quality, affordable homes and vibrant communities then please consider this role.

As a trusted leader and ambassador, you will bring a strong focus on working collaboratively, building sustainable partnerships with key partners to help deliver financial and social value. With a focus on our customer experience you will demonstrate a commitment to co-designing services with tenants and residents, seek out the voice of the customer and empowering communities. Achieving a fair balance between the affordability of rent and other charges, with the needs of business viability, is essential.

Team focused and a positive leader of change, you will be someone who leads by example and inspires all staff to be the best they can be. Encouraging a culture of trust, ambition and delivering continuous improvement in service delivery. Finally, and, most important of all, you will be the type of leader who helps staff enjoy their work and be proud of their achievements.

My Board colleagues and I firmly believe in the importance of us focussing on the strategic aspects and leaving the Executive team to deliver the strategy and organisational ambitions. We will support you to deliver, and we will have high expectations that your ambitions match the ones that we have set for our organisation and our communities.

Here at Tai Calon we can promise you a great place to work where your efforts will be appreciated and valued. As Howard often says, it is the best job he has ever had! We look forward to receiving your application.

Professor Sir Adrian Webb, Chair